How we work with employers

As a leading retirement plan administrator, our clients look to us to guide them through plan design, installation, education and enrollment, and the ongoing tasks of professionally managing the plan. There are many retirement plan choices available today and it’s anything but a one-size-fits-all world. We have the expert knowledge and tools to help you design a plan that aligns with your goals to maximize contributions, employee participation and longer term savings.

With Altigro, you can rely on an expert, hands-on partner that understands what it takes to continue to optimize the available choices and to assist plan fiduciaries in meeting their obligations.

You might benefit from an Altigro plan review

As experts in plan design, we stay abreast of regulatory and other updates that can impact the way in which retirement plans can be implemented. Some of these changes create new challenges for plan sponsors. Others suggest new opportunities. In speaking with companies who already sponsor retirement plans, we often find many who don't take full advantage of the potential benefits available to them under these arrangements. Sometimes it's a matter designing a plan that better aligns with their goals. Other times it's related to understanding more about operational choices that can improve performance and possibly reduce costs.

When a plan review might be right for your company:

  • If your ownership / management team has changed composition
  • If your employee population has changed significantly
  • If you installed your plan more than a couple of years ago
  • If you don't feel like you are maximizing contributions to the plan