ALTIGRO GET STARTED 401(k) is a streamlined and affordable way to take advantage of a qualified retirement plan. We make it easy for small business owners to start achieving meaningful tax deductions and retirement savings for themselves and their employees. A 401(k) plan doesn’t have to be expensive to have great features.

Please inquire about additional features and services and associated fees.

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Affordable and Easy to Start
Streamlined plan design and set-up with Altigro professionals. Straightforward pricing lower than most traditional 401(k) plans.
Features That Matter
Available plan design structure that automatically satisfies IRS testing.     Administration, reporting, and live phone support. Automatic enrollment and Roth 401(k) options are available. Easily review your plan’s details and activity on a secure online platform.
Education and Support
Easy-to-use online educational tools and resources, including a retirement calculator. Investment provider’s call center support to help answer questions. Altigro administration support.
Employer Tax Benefits
Company contributions, administrative costs and other plan expenses generally are tax-deductible. Additional tax benefits may apply, including a tax credit.
Flexibility You’ll Appreciate
Customize your plan with features designed to help meet your needs and goals. Combine your Altigro Get Started 401(k) plan with another tax-qualified retirement plan.
Employee Tax Benefits
Save for retirement using pre-tax dollars that reduce current taxable income. After-tax Roth 401(k) contributions and any earnings are tax-free if withdrawn as part of a qualified distribution. Earnings in an employee’s pre-tax 401(k) are tax-deferred. Employees can roll over account balances from another qualified plan or IRA.
The Altigro Get Started 401(k) program’s special pricing is based on the delivery of the following plan features and provisions. Please inquire
about additional features and services and associated fees.

  • Pre-Tax deferral and Roth Employee Contributions
  • Employee Catch-up Contributions
  • Safe Harbor Employer Contributions
  • In-Service Distributions (59.5 only)
  • Participant Loans (one outstanding)
  • 100% Full and Immediate Vesting
  • Annual Plan Design Review
  • Compliance Testing and 5500 Preparation