How we work with advisors

At Altigro, our success supporting financial advisors reflects our corporate personality and work ethic. We work hard to provide great value to our partners whether we are are at the table with them or supporting them from behind the scenes. We offer our knowledge of qualified plan design, contribution optimization, investment options and fiduciary concerns to help our relationship partners establish and maintain effective retirement plans on behalf of plan sponsors and their employees. We believe that when done well, the whole can be greater than the sum of the parts. In other words, together we make a great team.

Look to Altigro for expert support with

  • Retirement plan design
  • Plan review
  • Plan installation
  • Enrollment and education
  • Plan sponsor communications
Plan administration including: 
  • Compliance testing
  • Loan processing
  • Distribution processing
  • Government reporting

If you are an advisor interested in growing your practice with qualified retirement plans, we invite your inquiry. Contact us today.